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Kita is practicing for the v bounce challenge when her fuckin stepbrother
Jason walks in on her. She insists that it’s the latest craze and that she’s
going to do it in her tiny little skirt to get a ton of views. It’s clear
when she demonstrates for Jason that she’s not wearing any underwear. He
agrees that he’ll film it, but only if she bounces on his fuckin dick. She
agrees to fuck him if he’ll film her.True to her word, Keilani has Jason tape
her act and then lets Jason tape her bouncing on his fuckin dick. She’s
flirty but not a cock tease, so when she’s done with her video she agrees to
help Jason cum. Keilani kick starts their banging session with a blowjob that
gets her hands and mouth equally involved. Then she peels off her clothes and
rolls onto her back so he can have a ride in that cock hungry twat.Keilani
loves having Jason buried in her fuck hole in a variety of positions, so she
has him ride her doggy style next. Then she hops aboard his hardon and gives
him a ride in her cream filled snatch until he has pushed all the right
buttons to leave her moaning in satisfaction. Jason can’t get enough of
watching his sister’s titties bouncing in his face as she rides his fuckin
dick but when she falls onto her back one last time he reaches his home
stretch by going to town banging that warm glove. Pulling out at the last
moment, he gives Keilani a facial of jizz that dribbles down to her breasts.
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Actors: Keilani Kita
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Added on: November 17, 2019

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