Truth Or Dare – S1:E7-Teens Getting Fucked


Scarlet Red and Chad White arrive at
Karla Kush’s house to pick up a donation that she has promised, but Karla has
other ideas. She invites the two students to hang out and play truth or dare,
and they agree with some reservations. Their truth questions get more and
more personal, so it’s no surprise that when someone chooses dare things get
naughty fast!Chad dares Karla to kiss Scarlet. When the two girls are done
locking lips, Karla dares Scarlet to suck Chad’s cock. Scarlet agrees, and
soon she has peeled off her shirt and bra to make it even sexier as she
swallows Chad’s dick like a pro. When Karla joins in on the fun, Scarlet and
Chad are happy to welcome a third member to their lovemaking.Soon Karla is
peeling Scarlet out of the rest of her clothes so that the coed’s shorts and
thong are on the ground. Karla does away with her own thong next, leaving
both of their pussies open for the fun to come. Up on her hands and knees,
Scarlet is the first to be fucked by her boyfriend. Her first few moans are
loud and proud, but soon Karla has encouraged her student to muffle those
joyful sounds by burying her face in Karla’s landing strip snatch. When Karla
climbs onto Chad’s member for a stiffie ride of her own, she can’t hold back
her gasps of pleasure that only grow hotter as Scarlet leans forward to lick
her teacher’s chocolate star. It’s soon obvious that Karla really loves
having Scarlet slap her ass, a move that Scarlet is perfectly happy to
continue making. Thanks to Chad’s willingness to play stud and Karla’s hip
thrusting riding skills, the horny teacher is soon gushing her pleasure all
over the place.Wanting some of that D for herself, Scarlet climbs on for a
ride of her own. The lusty coed’s tanned toned body is soon pulsing with
ecstasy as Chad and Scarlet work together to bring her to the edge of her
endurance and then help her over the edge to orgasmic bliss.The threesome
isn’t quite finished yet. Laying back on the couch, Karla spreads her legs
and invites Chad to go to town fucking that cock craving pussy. Chad is happy
to deliver on that request, and soon Karla is once again well on her way to
pleasure town. Scarlet doesn’t want to be left behind, so she parts her
thighs for a pussy pounding of her own.Scarlet’s moans of bliss and the
pulsing of her inner walls are just what Chad needs to get off. Pulling out,
he covers Scarlet’s belly and Karla’s waiting face in his seed so that both
girls are soaked with the evidence of his love.

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Added on: February 23, 2020

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