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Kay knows that her fuckin stepbrother Logan Long has a summer job, and she
offers to flash him her big fuckin boobs if he’ll buy the tickets for her.
When that doesn’t work, Cassidy takes off her pants and then her thong. With
her tits and landing strip pussy on display, she lays herself out on the
couch and starts masturbating to entice her fuckin stepbrother. It’s not long
before she coaxes Logan into whipping out his stiffie so he can stroke
himself off while watching her.When Logan still won’t agree to buy her the
tickets, Cassidy puts both hands to work stroking his hardon. Then she leans
forward and takes the head in her mouth to start sucking him off. Adjusting
her position, she straddles Logan’s body so that her drenched pussy lips can slide
up and down his stiffie before she raises her hips to take him all the way
into her tight twat. Before Logan knows it, Cassidy is riding him like her
personal steed.Falling onto her side, Cassidy moans with delight when Logan
curls up behind her so that he can spoon while fucking her from behind. He
leans in to sample her musk with his stiff tongue, and then resumes his pussy
fuckin pounding as she urges him to keep going. When Cassidy gets on her
hands and knees, Logan brings her home with long strokes of his hard dick.
Then he lets her know that if she wants the concert tickets she’ll need to
take a facial of cum. Cassidy does as she’s asked, and Logan agrees to buy
the tickets so that they are both satisfied.
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Actors: Cassidy Kay
Category: My Teen Sister
Tags: 18+ Teens
Added on: November 17, 2019

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