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Jean sneaks into her fuckin stepbrother Tony’s bedroom to try stealing his
money and car keys, but he catches her red handed. Instead of apologizing,
this bratty sis unabashedly lies about what she’s doing. When Tony calls her
out on her bad behavior, Elsa tries offering bribes. Tony doesn’t want
anything Else has to offer. Finally, Tony tells Elsa that the price of
stealing from him is a blowjob. She thinks about it, then tries to bargain.
Tony lets her know that the price has now gone up to include her being naked
so he can put his hands all over her tits and ass.Dropping to her knees when
Tony has had enough of toughing, Elsa pulls out his fuck stick and starts
rubbing him off. Her hand job gradually turns into a blowjob. Tony’s
suspicion that his slutty stepsister is amazing with her sassy mouth is
confirmed as she deep throats his hardon until she drives him wild. Guiding
her back until they reach the bed, Tony lays down for more sucktastic action,
then watches in delight as his spinner stepsis keeps her end of the bargain
and climbs on his fuck stick to ride him forward and backward.Elsa is all
smiles at the way her fuckin stepbrother’s big fuckin cock feels buried
inside her petite twat. Getting on her hands and knees, she watches over her
shoulder as Tony dominates her fuck hole. He keeps up the pussy fuckin
pounding until Elsa is fully satisfied, then tells her to get back on her
knees to blow him until he fills her mouth with jizz. her fuckin
stepbrother’s seed is still dripping down her face as Tony lets her know that
he’ll stay quiet about her deviant behavior.
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Added on: November 17, 2019

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