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has all the dirt on his slutty stepsister Kiara Cole that he needs to get in
her pants, although Kiara doesn’t know it yet. He calls her in and announces
that she’ll be doing all his chores. If she won’t, he’ll tell their parents
that Kiara snuck out to get her rocks off the previous evening. Kiara agrees,
even going so far as to strip down to her thong when Jason insists that she
make things hotter. After seeing his slutty stepsister’s tits, Jason demands
that he get some full nudity. Kiara reluctantly peels off her panties and
continues to clean in the nude.Completely entranced by his slutty
stepsister’s stunning small figure, Jason coaxes her into bed to give him a
blowjob. She asks for his promise that he won’t tell their parents, and he
gives it freely if Kiara can get him off. She agrees, stroking his fuckin
dick and blowing him so enthusiastically that his stiffie hits the back of
her throat. When Jason insists that Kiara needs to fuck him to get him off
and seal their bargain, Kiara seats her meaty twat on top of his fuck stick
and slides down. She can’t help moaning in delight as her hips move in a fast
and furious ride, betraying her genuine enjoyment.Now that the stepsiblings
have started fucking they’re absolutely going to enjoy it! Kiara turns around
to keep riding Jason’s fuck stick in reverse cowgirl, then lays on her belly
as Jason takes her from behind. Reaching down to rub her clit as Jason sinks
his thumb into her ass, she brings herself to a pussy pulsing climax. The
stepsiblings alternate between banging with Chloe on her back and on her
belly, with Jason making sure to thumb her ass whenever he can. Her sweet
moans bring him off as surely as her pulsing snatch, giving him just enough
time to pull out and shower Chloe’s open mouth and face with a shot of hot
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Actors: Kiara Cole
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Added on: November 17, 2019

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