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Latina Gina Valentina took her fuckin stepbrother Tony’s cell phone and
texted his girlfriend a message that he’s been cheating on her. He decides to
get back at Gina by pretending he won a ton of money in the lottery. Gina is
excited that they’ve won and instantly asks for money. She offers to do
anything for Tony’s cash, so he asks her for a lap dance.Eventually Gina
agrees, even agreeing to change into something sexy. She comes back in high
heels and a bikini that hugs her small tits and a thong that doesn’t cover
her incredible ass. Turning around, she kicks off her lap dance with sinuous
motions of her hips as she slowly strips. When Tony requests a blowjob, Gina
eventually gives in and drops to her knees so she can deep throat his big
fuckin dick between her puffy lips.As her blowjob heats up, Gina agrees to
fuck her fuckin stepbrother. Her slippery pussy is already nice and wet when
she rolls onto her back and lets him shove his stiffie deep. Getting on her
hands and knees, Gina takes a doggy style pussy fuckin pounding. Tony brings
her off, but takes his own satisfaction when he cums deep inside her twat.
Only then does he reveal that the lottery win was a prank and that she’s
getting nothing.
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