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Adams and her fuckin stepbrother Bambino have invited Ms Faris over for a
study session. The girls are bored with their work, so eventually Lily
invites Ms Faris to start gossiping about her love life. Bambino isn’t
interested in hearing about his sister and her friend talking about their
tight little pussies and big fuckin cocks, so Lily goes on the offensive
about the size of Bambino’s dick. Eventually Bambino whips it out to prove
it’s not small. Ms Faris is properly impressed by Bambino’s dick, but Lily
refuses to back down. Lily gets on her knees and starts sucking to prove it’s
not too big to fit in her mouth, and Ms Faris joins her because she just
wants to suck it. Once the girls are done deep throating Bambino, Ms Faris
peels off her shorts so Bambino can give it to her. He fucks her from behind
while Lily watches and sucks her friend’s titties. When Lily sees how good it
is for Ms Faris, she decides to take Bambino for a test drive of her own.Lily
only needs a taste of her fuckin stepbrother’s so-called tiny cock to know
she’s nice and hooked. She and Ms Faris take turns riding him, alternating
between who gets Bambino’s face and his mouth. When they’ve had enough, they
get on their knees together so they can go back to sucking and stroking
Bambino’s fuck stick. When he gives them a double facial, Lily must finally
admit that she’s pretty into Bambino’s big juicy load even though she still
swears his fuckin dick is tiny.
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