Love Lessons – S2:E9-Teens Getting Fucked


Brad Knight and Anya Olsen are at
their teacher Summer Day’s house practicing the kiss scene for their drama
play. When she can’t get the two younger students to do it right, Summer
steps in and demonstrates what she wants with Brad. Sparks instantly fly
between them, and soon Brad’s hand finds its way between Summer’s thighs as
Anya watches and touches herself at the hot scene playing out before her.Now
that the trio knows that their interest in one another is all mutual, they
can really have some fun. It’s not long before Brad finds himself with two
gorgeous girls sucking on his stiffie. Summer gives Anya some pointers as she
watches the younger girl’s technique, but as the passion grows they rely more
and more on instinct. By the time Brad finds himself balls deep in Anya’s
twat while Anya feasts on Summer’s bare cooch, they are all lost to lust.The
trio explores every position they can think of, from each girl taking her
turn in the middle to a lesbian 69 while Brad fucks Anya from below. That final
position is just what Anya needs to see paradise, and her throbbing pussy
brings Brad over the edge. He pulls out just in time for Summer to suck him
off, and when he blasts off in her mouth Summer snowballs Brad’s jizz with
Anya to finish their lovemaking.

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Added on: February 23, 2020

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