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Kapri is a totally hot piece of ass who’s married to a man much older than
she; in addition, Khloe’s a cheater. Hubby can’t sling dick like the young
bucks can. Besides, Khloe’s a Size Queen. If it ain’t 9 inches or above,
Khloe doesn’t have much of an interest. Being married to an older man means
one thing for Khloe — really nice stuff! Designer clothes and handbags,
expensive cars and vacations, and a new, bigger house! That’s why the
appraisers are in the backyard! Khloe has demanded a newer, bigger house!
That’s also why Khloe’s tanning topless! Hubby told Khloe when to be home for
their appointment, and Khloe’s super horny! Khloe’s plan? Seduce the
appraisers, suck and fuck and be cleaned up for dinner with the Hubs! Mission
accomplished!! What she didn’t expect? That the appraisers would give her
such intense orgasms that she’d end up squirting all over her kitchen!!
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Actors: Khloe Kapri
Added on: November 17, 2019

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