Karma Rx :Hot babes fuckin and suckin


Rx is a self-proclaimed narcissist. I mean just look at the slut! She’s
masturbating to her own dirty movie, and of course it’s her filthy blowbang
for Blacks on Blondes’ sister site, Interracial Blowbang! Right in the middle
of her jerk-off session, Karma’s “Daddy” comes over with a couple
buddies. Daddy has a new friend that wants to get into the JizBiz, and
another who’s just horny. Since Karma does whatever Daddy says, Karma’s going
to offer up her eager mouth and sopping-wet fuckin pussy for the new guy,
just to make sure he’s got what it takes. Of course he does! All three
fellahs proceed to rail Karma, before she offers up her ass to Daddy. Daddy
loves Karma’s ass…but he’s also trying to take care of his buddies, too!
What to do? “Roshambo” for Karma’s asshole!! It seems the only
logical thing to do! Daddy wins, of course, cause he’s always The Winner, so
as Daddy defiles Karma’s shit pipe, she’s blowing his buddies. Speaking of
them, the new guy dumps a load so deep into Karma’s fertile womb, none of it
drips out! Daddy and his other buddy spray Karma’s face down and then leave,
which means it’s time for Karma to resume her jerk session….and this time
it’s way hotter than how she started!!
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Actors: Karma Rx
Added on: October 9, 2019

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