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Mr. Hays is home from a long day at
work, the house is empty, and that means only one thing: time to pull down
his pant and relieve himself to some Blacks on Blondes porno! He’s got his
lube, his favorite DVD, and just as he’s about to enjoy himself, the front
door flies open! It’s his daughter, Hannah Hays, along with two new
“friends”! Hannah’s in a very good mood and being super nice to her
dad. Why? “Can I take the car up on a road trip up to a cabin in the
mountains? We’re gonna just watch some Netflix and chill for the
weekend!” Mr. Hays isn’t too sure, so Hannah offer to do extra chore
around the house. When that doesn’t work, Hannah hits her dad with his
weakness: “if you let me use the car for a road trip, me and my two
friends will put on a sex show for you daddy!” Yeap, she said it…and
yeap, he agreed…and sure enough, Mr. Hays has his pants around his ankles
watching his daughter go black! The Bulls both have enormous dicks, and
honestly Mr. Hays can’t believe his daughter can take them! Petite Hannah
does, though, sucking and fucking until her face is a jizzed-up mess! And
sure enough, dad tosses her the keys to the car! Little Ralph Roberts loves
to fist little girls and big girls alike.  He watches porn here, he
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Added on: December 27, 2019

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