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little spinner Emma Stone is into the Easter spirit as she wanders her house
dressed as the Easter bunny. When Emma reaches the living room, she finds a
note from her mom to let the kids know that she has set up an Easter egg hunt
with a pink egg that has some serious dinero. Emma instantly gets to work,
searching everywhere for the pink egg. Little does she know that her fuckin
stepbrother Kyle Mason is watching her search and liking what he sees as her
skirt rides up her ass.Eventually Emma notices Kyle and calls him out for his
dirty behavior. He tells her that she’s wasting her time because he already
found the egg with the cash in it. Emma is hard up for cash, so she offers to
do whatever it takes for Kyle to give the money to her. He doesn’t warn her
doing his chores or anything like that, but he could definitely use a handie.
Emma is grossed out, but she really wants that cash, so soon she finds
herself with her brother’s fuckin dick in her hands. He is quick to double
down on the situation by requesting a blow job for the cash.When Kyle lets
Emma know that she’s going to have to fuck him if she wants the money, the
teen hops onto the couch on her hands and knees to let him do the deed. She
didn’t expect to like her fuckin stepbrother’s fuckin dick inside her so
much, which makes it simple to ride his fuck stick as she continues to earn
her prize. Kyle does Emma the favor of making sure she cums before pulling
out to jizz all over her belly. Once he’s finished, he lets Emma know he hasn’t
actually found the egg, much to her dismay.
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