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Faris and her friend Ember Stone are dressed in their cheer uniforms
practicing their routines while Ms’s stepbrother Codey Steele spies on them.
Cody can’t keep his hard dick in his pants, so he strokes himself off while
he watches the private show. Eventually he gets the bright idea to put on a
cheerleading outfit of his own and tell the girls he’s joined the team. Ms
can’t help but notice how hot he looks in the skintight spandex. Ember isn’t
digging it, but she gives Codey a chance.Eventually, Ms claims her panties
are bothering her and she takes them off. They move on to leg lifts, which
lets Ms’s pussy hang right out there. Ember is offended at the impropriety,
especially when Cody whips his fuckin dick out and starts fucking Ms from
behind. When Ember rage quits the room, Cody and Ms stop with any pretense
and just go to town banging each other. They start on their feet, then
relocate to the bed as Ms moans with total sexual abandon.Peeling off her
uniform, Ms stretches to climbs on top of Codey’s hardon and seat herself
until her bare twat is fully impaled. Her stiffie ride takes on a new
dimension when she turns around so Codey can get a look at her naughty
pierced nipples, which he just can’t seem to keep his hands off of. On her
back, Mia is in the process of enjoying her final climax of the day when she
begs her fuckin stepbrother to cum in her pussy. They’re just basking in the
afterglow when Ember comes back and quits both Ms’s friendship and the cheer
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