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blonde, and a total babe, Chanel Grey loves to hike. She loves the
wilderness. And get this…it makes her horny. So much so, she’s found her
“spot” on a secluded trail, where Chanel gets naked and masturbates
without a care in the world! Even if it means getting caught by other hikers!
Of course this is why Chanel brought her two “fuck buddies” on the
trail, and of course her “jerk off spot” is now her “blowjob
spot” and yeap, she doesn’t care if they’re caught! Chanel’s fuck
buddies, on the other hand, aren’t as confident, so they’ll wait til they get
back to Chanel’s before laying the pipe down! And lay the pipe they do! Her
fresh, barely-legal pussy is just starting to stretch enough to accommodate
their massive dicks, and she’s already starting to squirt! Speaking of
ejaculation, Chanel’s two fuck buddies hose her beautiful fuckin blonde face
down with two massive pop shots! Chanel Grey is, indeed, exactly what she
calls herself — a cumslut!
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Actors: Chanel Grey
Added on: November 17, 2019

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