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Barely-legal Casey Ballerini is a
handful. Just ask her step-dad. Casey stays out past her curfew; she loves
sneaking out her bedroom window once she gets home; and today, to top off all
her bad behavior, she snuck her step-dad’s company car out of the garage to
go to yet another late-night party! Casey would have actually gotten away
with it too…if she didn’t burn out the clutch! Now, in the repair shop,
step-dad has been presented with a $1,200 bill to fix the mess! He doesn’t
have the money. He can’t tell the company what happened. And Casey, just a
few weeks out of high school, has never held a job. But petite Casey does
have a perfect set of all-natural, D-cup titties; a soft, perfectly-shaped
ass; and a tight, tight shaved pussy! Step-dad is a pervert, and there’s no
way he’s paying a dime for Casey’s mistake. So Casey pays using all three of
her attributes we just mentioned. The mechanics run their train, fucking both
her mouth and snatch, while Step-daddy makes sure it’s to their liking! In the
end, barely-legal Casey is a cum-drenched mess…but hey. They got the car
back!! Little Ralph Roberts loves to fist little girls and big girls
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Added on: December 27, 2019

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