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Lore has agreed to help her fuckin stepbrother Logan Long with his homework
since she borrowed his car. This hot blonde teen has other places to be, so
she tells Logan to do it himself. Logan sees the opportunity to take a
different form of payment from his slutty stepsister. Pulling out her boobs
so he can squeeze the round nipples and tweak her pierced nipples, Logan
tells her he’ll accept having her instead. It takes Logan time to find Lexi’s
clit, but he’s determined to learn.Kneeling between Lexi’s thighs, Longa
tries working his tongue while one hand kneads Lexi’s fair skinned tit. When
Logan tells her to suck him off, her braces-filled mouth is full of laughter.
She complies with his request, opening her sassy mouth and letting his hand
guide her moments as she strokes him off while sucking the tip. Working her
way towards a deep throat BJ, Lexi proves to Logan that she’s plenty
experienced in the art of pleasuring her partners.When Logan tells her to get
on her hands and knees on the couch so he can bang her from behind, Lexi
complies. She finds herself quite fond of her fuckin stepbrother’s big fuckin
dick, which makes it an easy ask for her to give him a stiffie ride in her
bare twat. When Lexi arranges herself on the couch with her legs spread so
wide she’s practically doing the splits, Logan holds nothing back until his
slutty stepsister is screaming her climax. In return, Lexi gets back on her
knees and lets Logan stroke himself off until he showers her face with a big
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Actors: Lexi Lore
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Added on: November 17, 2019

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