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Alison Faye’s father is in over his
head with a bookie. Mr. Faye has a gambling problem and it’s about to reach
the boiling point-with his knees being the target of an angry collector. Mr.
Faye is on the phone when Jack Napier comes to collect on some bets that
didn’t work in the old man’s favor. Physical violence almost comes to
fruition when Alison is caught by surprise at her father being manhandled.
Alison’s shock at dad’s misfortune can only lead to her giving up the pussy
for her elder’s welfare. However, Mr. Faye would rather be in a wheelchair
for the rest of his life than watch his angel getting fucked by a vindictive
black cock……but she knows that this might snap him out of his gambling
addiction. Alison’s father gets a front row seat to the complete and utter
destruction of his daughter’s pussy. At the age of 18, Alison knows her
father’s history with gambling, and what better way to cure him than making
him watch her get some big black cock? Jack takes full advantage of the
situation by sliding his black python into the mouth of an eager slut. Mr.
Faye nearly goes into cardiac arrest as the apple of his eye experiences 12
inches of angry, black dick. Alison’s white pussy cashes the check her bad
daddy continues to write with the bookies. Alison’s enjoyment of that big
black cock can only jam the dagger further into her daddy’s heart and soul,
but,of course, she cares not. Alison’s father’s ordeal comes to a merciful
conclusion when he watches a big black cock spew its venom all over his
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Added on: December 27, 2019

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