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Can we
start at the end and work our way back to the beginning??Today, I fell in
love. I know Adriana has the reputation for being afun girl, but she won my
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Alert: I’m gonna talk all about themoneyshots next. Just watch the scene if
you don’t want me to ruin thesurprise for you. She takes a creampie and
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still hard to keepfucking her. Rob obliges and Adriana with a mouthful of
another man’scum screams that she’s about to come again. She squirts and
sucks andblows beautiful bubbles like only a BBC Slut can. Too bad this
wasjust her fantasy. We’re all hoping that the next time she pulls up toa
traffic sign and two hot dudes are in the car next to her, she’ll beable to
make a memory and not just a dream.
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