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say hello to Addison Lee, a beautiful fuckin blonde midwestern gal who, among
other things, is a Size Queen. Oh sure, Addison used to be one of those girls
who would say things like, “size doesn’t matter, it’s the motion of the
ocean”…until she encountered her first big fuckin dick. It was a few
years ago. One of the studs she grew up with (one of the few black guys in
her small town) changed Addison’s mind the second he pushed it in! Addison’s
never felt that “full” before, and she’d been chasing that feeling
ever since! Which is why she ended up at the Dogfart Network! Addison Lee
knows Dogfart’s rep, so how could we disappoint? Enter Mandingo…and all 14
inches. The girth, too. Watch as the lovely Ms. Lee attempts to stuff all
that meat in her mouth. Better yet? Watching her eyeballs roll into the back
of her head when “Dingo” goes deep! So kick back and enjoy the
show!! Addison sure did!!
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Actors: Addison Lee
Added on: November 20, 2019

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